Power Tool & Accessories Data

Occasionally something will break or wear out on a power tool, or I'll need to order more nails, replacement blades, etc., so I've made this handy table to find the proper model and serial numbers rather than rummaging around in the shed when I get around to ordering supplies. I've also added the owners manuals or parts lists (when available) for the tools and equipment, which will open a PDF in a new window when the icon is clicked.

As you might notice, saws and most drills are made by Milwaukee, while routers, sanders and air-nailers are Porter-Cable. There's no blue, green, or yellow tools here (Makita, Hitachi & DeWalt) - I just don't like 'em at all for some reason. There's also a sprinkling of other brands here and there, either because I didn't want to spend huge money for a little-used tool (like the biscuit joiner), or because the price was right a the time (like the thickness planer). I try to take good care of my tools (keep them clean, oil after use, and replace anything that breaks as soon as it breaks) and have cases for everything. I haven't had anything fall apart or break beyond repair, although a couple tools are getting old and some are obsolete. I've only replaced a few cords on some of the older tools, although I did strip the gears out of that little Milwaukee close-quarter drill when I tried to use a 1" spade bit and chew through a stud with it. Repair parts were inexpensive and I learned my lesson on that one (and used the neighbors Hole-Hawg™ to make big holes in studs after that). I really should get one of those monster drills one of these days.

Outdoor power equipment is in a separate section, and I've also included some other grounds-keeping equipment there. Even though the additional tools listed in that section are not power tools (sprayers, pruning tools, etc.) they do require replacement parts from time to time, so I've listed the models here. Yep, I love tools.

Chicago Electric
 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
1/2" Hammer Drill PDF 45377 3011277  
9" Biscuit Joiner PDF 47377 040203 00095  
3-1/4", 7a Planer PDF 61687 37464 2213 w/ Dust Bag

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
6" Crafttool Bench Buffer PDF 1/4hp 125.25X444  
6-Gal. Wet / Dry Vacuum PDF 113.177441 96064U1270  
7" Tile WetSaw PDF 118.22320 028670  
7.5a Electric Blower PDF 358.748200 --  
10" Tradesman® Table Saw PDF 8032 031405 mfg. date 03/06
10" Band Saw PDF 124.21400 031300064 70-1/2" blade
12" Thickness Planer PDF 351.217220 121722 code 2001.02
Utility Sharpener PDF 152.211740 9613-W  

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
6" Variable-Speed Bench Grinder PDF GR275 2008 40-XL017356 type 2

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
3000 Series Rotary Tool PDF 3000-1/24 (kit) F013300000 032
Circle Cutter & Edge Guide PDF 678-01 --  
Chain Saw Sharpening Attachment PDF 1453 --  
Detailer's Grip Attachment PDF A577 --  
DremeLite™ PDF 677 --  
EZ Lock™ Starter Kit PDF EZ406 --  
FlexLite™ Attachment PDF FL400 --  
Flex-shaft Attachment PDF 225-01 --  
Lawn & Garden Tool Sharpener Attachment PDF 675 --  
Mini Saw Attachment PDF 670 --  
Right-angle Attachment PDF 575 --  
Sanding / Grinding Guide Attachment PDF A576 --  
Shaper / Router Table PDF 231 --  
Work Station / Drill Press PDF 220-01 --  
XPR™ Multisaw PDF MS400 --  
XPR™ Planer PDF PL400 --  

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
4-Gallon Jobsite Air Compressor PDF FT4200 3578202202140498 200PSI, 1.5HP

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
10" Magnum® Sliding Compound Miter Saw PDF 6497 882C 904180217  
Heavy-Duty 7-1/4" Circular Saw PDF 6365 546-661646 code CHII
Heavy-Duty Sawzit™ Jig Saw PDF 6282 00554-54208 code AEIF
Heavy-Duty Sawzall™ Reciprocating Saw PDF 6507 0631-663020 code BBIJ
Heavy-Duty Dial-speed Super Magnum 4-1/2" Grinder PDF 6154-20 907D 608410357  
Heavy-Duty 3/8" Close-Quarter Angle Drill PDF 0375-1 611B 903340334  
Heavy-Duty Screw Driver PDF 6791-20 180A 505370041 w/ Drywall Ramp-Off Locator Assy.
Heavy-Duty 1/2" Magnum® Hole Shooter PDF 0234-1 532C 507423925  
Right Angle Driver Attachment PDF 49-22-8510 --  
Heavy-Duty 18v 1/2" Lok-Tor™ Driver / Drill PDF 0622-20 312A 505321323  
Heavy-Duty 18v Job Site Radio PDF 49-24-0200 414C 905391731  
Heavy-Duty 18v NiCd Battery Pack PDF 48-11-2230 --- (2) 2.4AH
Heavy-Duty 12v-18v Universal Ni-Cd Charger PDF 48-59-0255 A28C H05281085  
M12™ 12v Cordless Multi-Tool PDF 2426-20 673A D153701432  
M12™ 12v 1/4" Hex Impact Driver PDF 2462-20 F05A D144403374  
M12™ 12v Hackzall™ Reciprocating Saw PDF 2420-20 B66C D10423231  
M12™ 12v Sub-compact 1/4" Hex Driver PDF 2401-20 B30A 007462361  
M12™ 12v Work Light PDF 49-24-0145 B51A 909267791  
M12 FUEL™ 12v 5-3/8" Circular Saw PDF 2530-20 G32A D202900739  
M12 FUEL™ 12v Installation Drill / Driver Kit PDF 2505-22 K81A D203304827  
M12™ REDLITHIUM™ CP1.5 Battery Pack PDF 48-11-2401 --- (2) 1.5AH
M12™ REDLITHIUM™ CP2.0 Battery Pack PDF 48-11-2420 --- (4) 2.0AH
M12™ XC High Capacity Battery Pack PDF 48-11-2402 --- (1) 3.0AH
M12™ REDLITHIUM™ XC6.0 Battery Pack PDF 48-11-2460 --- (2) 6.0AH
M12™ Lithium-Ion Charger PDF 48-59-2401 --- (3)

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
Heavy-Duty 2-1/4hp GripVac™ Router PDF 891 (894PK) 911937 2005 4149 type 1
1-3/4hp D-Handle Router PDF 691 985734 2017 0949 type 9
12" Dovetail Jig PDF 4216 2015 20-CY 05064 type 2
Router Edge Guide PDF 42690 --  
Rotary Cutout Tool PDF 7499 294173 A 50B type 1
Cement Siding Power Shear PDF 6605 040258 A 5063 type 1
12v 3/8" Cordless Driver / Drill PDF J-850 027548 K17 type 1
1/4-Sheet Palm Sander PDF 340K 484755 A 0071r type 1
Profile Sander PDF J-444 106079r type 1
2" x 14" Compact Belt Sander PDF 371K 997127 2007 0449 type 1
4" x 24" Variable-Speed Belt Sander PDF 362VS 058384 A 4061r type 8
5" Random-Orbital Sander PDF 333 663810 A 0020r type 4
5" Variable-Speed Rt. Angle Random-Orbital Sander PDF 7335 215905 A 5011 type 2
Heavy-Duty 7" Disc Sander PDF J-304 A035622 type 2 w/ paint remover #5041
15-Gal. Tool-Triggered Wet / Dry Vacuum PDF 7814 045021 type 1
Palm Nailer w/ Glove PDF PN650 024374 B 4005 type 1
1" Pin Nailer PDF PIN100 038298 B 5070 type 1
22ga. 3/8" Upholstery Stapler PDF US58 052693 B 5005 type 2
18ga. 1" Narrow-Crown Stapler PDF NS100B 203523 B 2064 type 1
18ga. 1-1/4" Brad Nailer PDF BN125A 717270 B 3005 type 1
18ga. 2" Brad Nailer PDF BN200A 017528 type 1
15ga. 2-1/2" Angle Finish Nailer PDF DA250B 094917 B 3073r type 1
7/16" Medium Crown Stapler PDF MS200 2015 21 BA 11414 type 2
1-3/4" Coil Roofing Nailer PDF RN175A 120163 B 4092r type 1
3-1/2" 21° Round-Head Framing Nailer PDF FR350A 048513 B 3005r type 1
Job Boss™ 4.5gal. Oil-Lubricated Compressor PDF C3551-1 246410 5579 type 1

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
35k btu Forced-air Kerosene Heater PDF Owner's Manual R35A 0815223 w/ Remote Thermostat & Wheel Kit

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
3/8" V.S.R. Drill 386R 11308  

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
5-1/2" Skilsaw™ Circular Saw PDF HD5510 58510.HG-31182 F012-5510.01
7-1/4" Worm-Drive Skilsaw™ Circular Saw PDF 77 HA781325 F012-0077.99 type 15
3/8" V.S.R. Drill (w/ Portalign® DrillGuide) PDF 5525 23596  
3" x 18" Belt Sander (bench clamp mounted) PDF 7313 4RQT1 F012-7313.01 type 2
Plunge Router PDF 1835 6RPN3 w/ Skil edge guide attachment

Power Tool Accessories

 Description  Model No.  Notes
Halogen Worklight with Tripod PDF 73828  
Height-Adjustable Single Roller Stand 22267  
Height-Adjustable Triple Roller Stand PDF 22268  
Height-Adjustable Tool Stand PDF 22269  
Height-Adjustable Clamping Table PDF 695.657960  
Guide Master™ Router Table Push Shoe PDF 171.25468  
Professional Router Table PDF 171.264620  
Table Saw Dust Collection Kit PDF 137.221010  
Thickness Planer Half-bag Dust Collection Kit PDF 18625.00  

 Description  Model No.  Notes
Hart Design Red-Line Cutting Guide PDF RPG w/ CTG extension

 Description  Model No.  Notes
StableMate®plus Portable Miter Saw Stand PDF 100-plus  
6-foot Extension Kit PDF SM631  
Accessory Kit PDF SM900 wheels, fence & flip stop
Shelf Brackets w/ Hardware PDF SM651  

 Description  Model No.  Notes
Bevel Boss PDF -- 3" x 12"

Outdoor Power Equipment

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
16" Corded Electric Chainsaw PDF 20112E-B 34567 2114 Oregon S57, .375" chain

Black & Decker
 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
HedgeHog® 20" Hedge Trimmer PDF HS1010 200220749 type 1

Classic Accessories
 Description  Model No.  Notes
Generator Cover PDF 79537 size: large
Snow Thrower Cab PDF 52-001-010401-00  

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
7hp Rear-Discharge 21" Rotary Lawn Mower PDF 917.378644 050903M-001600 B&S No. 128602-0259-E1
Lawn Edger Trimmer Attachemnt PDF 358.792400-01 07164N-800533  

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
GP8000E Portable Generator PDF 005696-0 5563654 8kW, electric start
OHVI Engine (above generator powerplant) PDF 0G8805 833863 09204 407.00cc, CSA

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
14" Chainsaw PDF M361 216739  

 Description  Model No.  Serial No.  Notes
Straight-Shaft 4-cycle Gas String Trimmer PDF TB475SS rev.P00 309Y0202062 item 41BDT47C063
Turbo Blower Trimmer Attachment PDF TBTB rev.P00 1J084DL0015 item 41AJTB-C711
Blower / Vac Trimmer Attachment PDF BV720R rev.P00 204D1102148 item 41AJBV-A054
Brushcutter Trimmer Attachment PDF BC720 1D261DR1335 item 41AJBC-C902
Snow Thrower Trimmer Attachment PDF ST720r rev.P00 1K134DS0190 item 41AJST-C954
Backpack Gas Leaf Blower PDF TB4BP 1D069DD8087 item 41BR4BP-G966
Push Chipper / Shredder / Vac PDF CSV065 1G203H60022 item 24B-060F063
Storm Tracker Two-Stage Snow Thrower PDF 2690XP 1K109B16095 item 31BM7303711
Super Tomahawk® Chipper / Shredder PDF PDF 11389 ST W827207 8 HP engine
8 HP Briggs & Stratton Super Tomahawk® Engine PDF 190412-3020-1 88051910 parts list: PDF

Additional Yard Maintenance Tools

 Description  Model No.  Notes
#8 Pruners PDF f8 w/ #912 holster
#21 Loppers PDF f21 w/ #918 holster
#611 13" Saw w/ sheath PDF f611  

 Description  Model No.  Notes
6-1/2" Folding Saw -- w/ Double Leather Sheath
7-1/2" Thinning Shears --  
8" Bypass Pruning Shears --  
Heavy-Duty 8-1/2" Hand Snips -- w/ Large Leather Sheath
Long-Handled Medium Blade Hedge Shears -- w/ Leather Blade Sheath

 Description  Model No.  Notes
Bleach Sprayer PDF 1201S 1 gal.
Handheld Sprayer PDF 456 2-1/4 gal.
Stainless-Steel Sprayer PDF 465 2 gal.
4-Gal. Backpack Sprayer PDF 425-Deluxe piston pump

 Description  Model No.  Notes
7 cu. ft. Garden Cart PDF 490-900-0007 Agri-fab #45-01763

W.W. Manufacturing
 Description PDF  Model No.  Notes
Lesche™ Digging Tool & Sod Cutter #48 w/ sheath
Ground Shark 38 #36A 5" x 11" curved, serrated blade w/ D-handle
Ground Shark 40" #36 3" x 11" curved, serrated blade w/ foot pad
King of Spades #KS-S-15 15" straight blade w/ 2 foot pads
"D" Handle Shovel #DHV-PT-R 11" pointed, curved blade