Project Timeline

Although much of this information is already sprinkled throughout the various sections of the site, I've brought it together here for convenient reference. I've had a little difficulty with some of the earliest dates, although I've put my best guess on work start and work completion, based on what paperwork I have on hand. Some of the projects are listed as "ongoing", which means I sort of picked at them depending upon the weather or supplies available as time permitted. The same is true of projects with overlapping work dates, since I rarely seem to be working on just one thing at a time.

Projects are listed chronologically, and each project is linked to the appropriate sections of the rest of the website for further information.

 2002 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Septic System Installation April 2002 August 2002 Disposal System Construction Permit: #R14-02
Initial Lot Landscaping August 2002 September 2002  
Garden Design & Layout August 2002 November 2002  
 2003 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Build Stone Lanterns April 2003 August 2003  
Pond Construction April 2003 July 2003  
Garden Shed Construction May 2003 July 2004  
Irrigation System Installation May 2003 August 2003  
 2004 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Additional Garden Plantings April 2003 July 2003  
Shoji Door Construction (for shed) May 2004 July 2004  
House Renovation Concept Development September 2004 Ongoing  
Tea House Plans September 2004 May 2005  
 2005 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Tea House Construction May 2005 August 2005  
Re-frame Porch Windows, Doors and Genkan Floor September 2005 December 2005  
Gut and Re-build Utility Room October 2005 March 2006 (installation prep for new boiler & water heater)
Install Heat Recovery Ventilator November 2005 Ongoing (some ductwork not yet installed)
Create Wiring Schematics December 2005 April 2006 (installation plans for new service panel)
 2006 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Install Underfloor Radiant Heat Tubing February 2006 November 2009  
Replace All Household Wiring Circuits March 2006 Ongoing  
Re-build Roof Overhangs and Frame New Entryway Roof March 2006 June 2006  
Install New PEX Supply Plumbing March 2006 May 2006 (final plumbing fixture connections occur later)
Install New Boiler April 2006 April 2006  
Install Indirect Hot Water System April 2006 April 2006  
Install New Electrical Service Panel April 2006 April 2006  
Strip Old Roof and Install New Roof Shingles May 2006 July 2006  
Re-frame Front Window Openings and Install Front Windows July 2006 August 2006  
Repair Foundation and Apply Sand Topping Coat August 2006 September 2006 (old porch, Southeast, and South sides)
Install Exterior Cement Board Siding September 2006 December 2006 (old porch, Southeast, and South sides)
 2007 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Household Wiring Installation Continued January 2007 Ongoing (started working on voice & data wiring too)
Underfloor Radiant Heat Tubing Continued January 2007 Ongoing  
Finish Genkan Walls and Ceilings January 2007 June 2007  
Re-mill Old Siding for use in Soffits and Gables March 2007 May 2007  
Install Soffit & Gable End Siding June 2007 November 2007  
 2008 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Install Whole House Water Filtration March 2008 May 2008  
Re-connect Deep Well for Irrigation April 2008 June 2008  
Re-frame Rear Window Openings and Install Rear Windows July 2008 August 2008  
Re-build Northwest Corner and Install Rear Siding August 2008 September 2008  
Apply Sand Topping Coat to Foundation September 2008 October 2008 (West and South sides)
Re-build East Kitchen Wall and Floor September 2008 October 2008  
Gut Bathroom for Waste and Vent Plumbing October 2008 November 2008  
Install New Waste and Vent Plumbing November 2008 December 2008  
Install New Shower Unit and Fixtures November 2008 December 2008  
 2009 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Re-build and Wire Kitchen Walls and Ceiling January 2009 February 2009  
Re-build and Wire Bathroom Walls February 2009 March 2009  
Apply Bathroom Wallboard and Finishes March 2009 June 2009  
Mill and Install Bathroom Panelling June 2009 September 2009  
Paint and Trim Exterior Siding September 2009 October 2009  
Underfloor Radiant Heat Tubing Finished November 2009 November 2009  
Finish Kitchen Ceiling and Hang Wall Cabinets November 2009 November 2009  
Install Kitchen Slate Floor Tile November 2009 December 2009  
 2010 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Install Kitchen Base Cabinets January 2010 April 2010  
Install Kitchen Mosaic Tile Backsplash May 2010 August 2010 (West wall, behind the stove)
Widen Driveway and Re-grade Front Yard May 2010 May 2010  
Re-stain and Trim Gable End Siding - Siding Trim Finished June 2010 July 2010  
Remove Bedroom Closet and Strip Wall for A/C Install June 2010 July 2010  
Install FM / UHF TV Antenna July 2010 July 2010  
Create Framing Plan for Engawa & Tsukimi-dai (decks) July 2010 August 2010  
Install Remaining Kitchen Mosaic Tile Backsplash August 2010 August 2010 (North wall and area next to pantry)
Mill, Finish and Install Kitchen Window Trim September 2010 October 2010  
Construct, Apply Laminate and Install Kitchen Counter Tops October 2010 November 2010  
Kitchen Renovation Completed December 2010 February 2011 (sink install, window treatments, vent duct, etc.)
 2011 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Install Standby Power System January 2011 February 2011  
Perform Major Site Update February 2011 February 2011 (It takes a while when I blow it off for months...)
Install Bathroom Slate Floor Tile March 2011 May 2011  
Begin Engawa & Tsukimi-dai Grading Work June 2011 July 2011  
Install Bathroom Tile Baseboard & Sealant July 2011 July 2011  
Engawa Post & Beam Work July 2011 July 2011  
Engawa Roof & Soffit Installation July 2011 August 2011  
Engawa & Tsukimi-dai  Framing Work & Decking Prep August 2011 September 2011  
Tsukimi-dai  Landscape Work September 2011 October 2011  
Site-wide Code Update October 2011 October 2011 (changes for mobile devices and lightbox)
Engawa Decking Prep & Installation October 2011 November 2011  
Engawa & Tsukimi-dai  Low Voltage Lighting Installation November 2011 November 2011  
Tsukimi-dai  Decking Installation November 2011 Ongoing  
 2012 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Upgrade Home Office Servers & Networking January 2012 February 2012  
Mill, Finish & Install Bathroom Trim January 2012 Ongoing  
Tsukimi-dai  Decking Completion & Deck Trim Installation November 2011 July 2012  
Engawa & Tsukimi-dai  Screw-hole Plugs Installation July 2012 August 2012  
Engawa & Tsukimi-dai  Stain Application August 2012 August 2012  
Customize the Grill and Outdoor Furniture Covers July 2012 November 2012  
Engawa  Post Trim Installation August 2012 November 2012  
Parker & Athol Bench Vise Restoration November 2012 December 2012  
 2013 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Engawa Sode-gaki   Bamboo Fence Construction October 2012 March 2013  
Bat House Construction & Mounting March 2013 April 2013  
Bathroom Counter & Trim Work May 2013 August 2013  
Mill, Finish & Complete Bathroom Trim January 2012 August 2013  
Build, Hang & Trim Bathroom Door September 2013 October 2013  
Tinker with Old VWs August 2013 December 2013  
 2014 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Create Church Directory link opens a new window January 2014 June 2014  
Design & Build New Kitchen for Friends March 2014 August 2014  
Deal with Deep Vein Thrombosis & Pulmonary Embolisms June 2014 July 2014  
Install Bamboo Barrier & Move Retaining Wall September 2014 Ongoing  
Design & Build Nicholson Style Joiner's Bench November 2014 Ongoing  
 2015 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Crush Right Ring Finger, Severing the Flexor Tendon between the Intermediate and Distal Phalanges January 2015 May 2015 Tenolysis surgery schdeuled for May 13th
Create PDF Update & Web Page for Church Directory link opens a new window January 2015 February 2015  
Rearrange Et-Cetera Sub-Folder and Page Structure February 2015 February 2015  
Reorganize the Garden Shed with Rubbermaid® Fast Track® System May 2015 May 2015  
Joiner's Bench Mostly Finished, Added a Table of Contents to the Page November 2014 Ongoing  
 2016 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Added a Tool Shelf, Racks, Lighting & Made Dogs for Joiner's Bench November 2014 Ongoing  
Started a Woodworker's Fellowship Monthly Church Group March 2016 Ongoing  
Replaced all Exterior Lighing with LEDs on the Volkswagens March 2016 June 2016  
Continue Work on Bamboo Barrier & Moving Retaining Wall September 2014 Ongoing  
Re-build Mail Box Post and Install New Mailboxes July 2016 July 2016  
Remove All Empty Boxes from Attic and Organize Storage for Ceiling Work November 2016 February 2017  
 2017 Projects Work Begun Work Completed  Notes
Create PDF Update & Print New Church Directory link opens a new window January 2016 February 2016  
Construct & Install Dog Lifter Assembly for Joiner's Bench February 2017 April 2017  
Edit all Pages at to Verify External Web Links March 2017 March 2017  
Construct Bench-on-Bench Double-Screw Vise for Joiner's Bench April 2017 May 2017