2018-2021 News Archives

This page contains the news updates from 2018 - 2021, in order to keep the Welcome page from getting too big as I continue to add updates to the renovation project and web site on that page.

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A shot of one of our somewhat scarce snows from Winter 2019 (1 photo).

2018-2021 Projects
The House: Yep, three years with only one update. I did get some stuff done on the house, but just didn't do any site updates while it was going on. I got the bamboo containment project finished up and built a nice garden fence behind it all. Then we had couple of the big Oaks in the yard removed (one of them lost a limb, which went through the roof), so I had to repair the genkan ceiling paneling, then work with the homeowner's insurance company (which went very well) to have the entire roof replaced. At some point I also went around the house exterior and re-stained the trim and soffits, then did a little touch-up paint on the siding as well. Somewhere in there I also had to re-wire the pump and float switches inside the effluent tank of the septic system, as the pump failed to work thanks to some terrible work done by the electrician when it was installed. The ceiling in the living room went into a friend's dumpster and was replaced with plastic sheeting as a temporary vapor barrier (so I actually did something inside the house).
Other sort-of news is that neither myself nor the lovely bride had any issues with COVID-19 (and we've both had two vaccine shots, plus a recent "booster"). She's been working from home since March 2020, and no tellin' when and if her office will re-open. We also had to say bu-bye to the 1986 VW Jetta — the rear suspension simply rotted away, and it just wasn't worth attempting to deal with all that rust.
The Site: There was just the single news update to the site in the entire three year stretch, although I did make a few minor updates to the Vintage Hand Tool Data page as I picked up a few more Stanley Hand Planes over the years, otherwise is was just the code tweaks in 2020, mentioned below.

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Old News Updates

Yes, I'm still alive… and yes, I'm still fiddling with the house, although it may be hard to tell since it seems I haven't done anything to our web site for nearly three years!
As I'm trying to be responsible and get this site back in shape, I've gone through all the pages in the last few days and done a little long overdue clean-up work. I've removed a bunch of junk from the footer (social media links and their associated bits of script as well as the "verified code" links that no one cares about). I also got rid of the Google+ stuff that was shut down, but had some left over scripts here that were popping an error message. I also went through all the pages and double-checked any external links to ensure those were all working as intended (or removed ones that no longer exist). That's all for now, but I'm planning to get back to providing regular updates again to get the content up-to-date.